Rudy Owens Self-Portrait April 2015

This picture was taken near my home in beautiful Portland, Oregon, on a lovely spring night in April 2015.

A person is not just one thing, but a collection of experiences and stories. I am a resident of Portland. Though I claim United States citizenship, I also am one of billions of people who call this amazing blue planet known as earth home. Profesionally, I am a communications, public affairs, and public health professional. I also am an accomplished and published photographer and, more recently, video storyteller. My travels have passed through six continents and more than 30 countries.

I encourage you to wander through the photo galleries and explore the shows. I also encourage you to visit my photography blog called What Beautiful Light, as well as my my policy and big-and-small ideas blog. These sites cover a lot of territory, including sharing new and original photographs and videos and commentary on the media arts, along with perspectives on public policy, public health, and the inter-connected global issues that interest me.  I believe one gains greater insight to the present by seeing larger connections among disciplines. I also am convinced that the past, without exception, continually informs decisions we make for today and tomorrow. We can ignore it or we can learn and benefit from it. The choice is ours.

Please feel free to contact me to share your feedback. Best regards.

(Last updated May 9, 2015)