Washington and Oregon Galleries Updated

I added some new photos to my galleries of Washington State and Oregon. I recently took a trip to see Native American petroglyphs and pictographs near The Dalles, on the Columbia River. I also have added a few candids of my home city, Portland, that speak to the state’s larger national and global identity as both the beaver state and brewpup capital of the universe.

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New Portland photo gallery

I have created a gallery of nearly three dozen photos of Portland, from Parks, to industrial landscapes, to trails, to neighborhoods, to bridges, to landmarks. I have yet to add any summertime photos. Right now I have just three seasons, as of March 2015. More to come.

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New photos of Portland and Oregon

I added a new gallery of Portland’s industrial landscapes. This gallery will be updated as I gather new images of the economic base for Portland’s wealth drawn from shipping, manufacturing, and construction. I also added a couple of new images to my Oregon gallery. Please visit again, as my Portland gallery continues to grow.

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New gallery added of GoPro photography

On  Nov. 22, 2014, I added a gallery of still I have been taking over the last six months with my GoPro Hero 3 videocamera/still camera. Despite its reputation for taking outstanding videos everywhere in the world, doing everything imaginable, this camera is an amazing little workhorse for still photography storytelling. See some of my images on my new gallery.

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New photos added to Industrial Duwamish gallery

The last week of August 2014, I took a few more pictures of the Duwamish area in south Seattle, in the South Park Neighborhood. Those photos can be found in my Industrial Duwamish gallery.

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New photos added of eastern Washington

I just finished a trip through eastern Washington and added photographs on my Washington gallery page. News shots were taken in Whitman and Lincoln County, as well as at the Omak Stampede. That means agriculture, barns, and Native American culture.

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Additional portraits published

I added some more black and white portraits to my portraits gallery. This gallery will continue to be updated in the coming weeks.

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Updates added to Greenlanders gallery

I added two new portraits I took of Greenlanders gallery , both taken n 2000, when I participated in the 1,000-year anniversary of Leif Ericcson’s discovery of the New World. Events were held at Qassiarsuk, in southwest Greenland. I finally got them online.

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Updates to my galleries

I added a new portrait gallery, which for now features some photos I took of migrant farmworkers in 1999. I also have added a new photo in my Chile gallery and some new shots for my Washington state gallery. I hope you enjoy the new photos.

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New photos added of Washington and Alaska

Check my Washington State Gallery and Alaska Gallery for new pictures. I published them on July 14, 2014.

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