Detroit, A Wide Angle View

All of the photographs in this series were taken with a GoPro camera during my visit in April 2015. I have created two photo galleries showing my work in Detroit. The second in this series, called Detroit, City of the Future, contains more recent photographs that I shot in September 2015. Please visit that essay to read my summary of why I am focussing on Detroit. I am a native Detroiter, and this story is very personal to me, because some of the damage created by the downsizing of this once great American manufacturing city includes places where my biological family once called home.

God Save Detroit, Jefferson AvenueThe MIchigan Central Station, DetroitAbandoned Factory, RougeAbandoned Building, Jefferson AvenueSaint Janos Magyar Templom (Catholic Church)Coke Plant, Zug IslandMIchigan Avenue, Eastside DetroitOff LivernoisDelray Homes and ArsonDerelict Homes, DelrayThousands of Them a Year, BroHomes of DelrayAnother Arson in DelrayAnd Another One GoneWhat Happened Here?