Dogs and Masters

I have been photographing dogs, dogs and dog owners, dog shows, and dog races for years. I guess I love dogs. I also think that there is a special interspecies relationship between humans and canines that transcends all other human-animal relations. A significant body of research has demonstrated the positive effect dogs have on human wellness and health. But there’s more to it than a lower hear rate and more “walkies” for owners. There is something deeply emotional that occurs through this mutually beneficial partnership that began when humans were living in the African savannah and continues to this day. I will be adding more dog pictures later. Stay tuned. For now, here’s a short collection of dogs and their adoring masters. Please click on each image for a larger view with the lightbox tool.

Val and Hattie, 2012A junior competitor and his best friend, Seattle Kennel Club Show 2014Best Friends, Seattle Kennel Club Show 2013Goldens always look like Buddha when being groomed, Seattle Kennel Club Show, 2014Cowboy and Cow Dog, Omak, Wash.English sheepdog, oh that feels good, Seattle Kennel Club Show, 2014Musher and Lead Mutt, Anchorage, AlaskaShow Dog, Seattle Kennel Club Show 2013Sunday Walk, SeattleA young Aussie on her grooming table, Seattle Kennel Club Show, 2014Basset Hound, Seattle Kennel Club Show 2014A Chesapeake gets all the love, Seattle Kennel Club Show, 2014