GoPro Photography Storytelling

I have been telling stories with my GoPro camera for more than a year. This is an amazing tool. It is mostly being used to create videos in all kinds of domains and doing all kinds of activities. But the camera’s wide angle fish-eye lens and its compact size make it perfect for taking pictures unobtrusively and caputuring the entirety of a moment around the point of focus. I continue to explore how to use it. Of late, I have been taking a lot of pictures in Portland, documeting neighborhoods, landscapes, industries, architectural styles, and more.

Cafe Bertie Lou's, PortlandMt. Scott Park, PortlandSt. Louis Art MuseumForest Park, St. Louis, Late Summer Community Cyclingc Center, PortlandGlacier Northwest Cement Kiln Rail Cars, PortlandHighway 599, Seattle, Morning CommuteMontgomery Ward Building, PortlandSt Patrick Church, PortlandCommute Crawl on the Alaska Way Viaduct, SeattleSt. Mary's Cathedral, PortlandWoodstock Redevelopment, Portland