GoPro Videos

Lately, I have been exploring the possibilities of storytelling with my GoPro Hero 3, one of the most powerful tools to emerge for consumers to push the envelope of storytelling, particularly anything involving movements, aerobic activity, and energy. I love what this camera can do, with stop-action compilations and straight ahead linear storytelling. I’ve used my camera to film my Afro-Brazilian dance class, lap swimming, skate skiing, trail running, urban bike riding, and urban-landscape documentary shooting.

Here is a small sample of some of the fun things I have captured with this great tool. I strongly believe it will revolutionize videography in the next three years, if it hasn’t already.

Last Sunday in May at the Seattle Center

Fremont Neighborhood at Rush Hour

Seattle Rush Hour Commute Grind

Skate Skiing, Methow Valley Style

Mountain Biking the Deschutes River Trail (Near the Columbia River Gorge)

Bike Tour, South Lake Washington

GoPro Used for Swim Coaching/Techniques