Industrial Duwamish

The Duwamish River, in south Seattle, is a U.S. federal Superfund cleanup site and one of the most developed industrial landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. It is also the landscape through which I drive every day to work. Some of these images are scenes I glimpse from my car’s windows daily. Neighborhoods are scattered around this corridor, and many homeless people live in makeshift tarp shelters and run-down campers parked next to warehouses and factories.

Water Tower, Duwamish RiverDuwamish Redevelopment, South ParkCargo Containers on the Duwamish River, From Herring's House ParkBarrels, All Marginal WayLafarge Cement FactoryLooking South On the Duwamish RiverWarning Sign for Public to Limit Fish ConsumptionDuwamish River Real-Estate for SaleBarrels, Off Marginal Way