My Home Town, Motor City, a Photo Essay

I published a photo essay on my recent trip to Detroit in April 2015. It impacted me in ways I was completely unprepared for. Nearly 700,000 people live there, and this is their reality. It is an American story, and there are many lessons here to be learned and feared. I was bashed by critics on a blog I posted on a web site for local government professionals. The group, all white by the way and only one living in Detroit, lambasted me for parachute journalism and my negativity for failing to tell the good stories of the good people of Detroit. What do you think? Are you a native of Detroit, like me, or do you live there? Did I do the city a disservice, or did I help try to call attention to a national crisis that continues to burn, slow and steady? See my pictures at Detroit, City of the Future.

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