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New photos of Portland and Oregon

I updated my Portland and Oregon photo galleries. I have included some new pictures that I took over 2015 and in early 2016. There is still so much to see.

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A few new updates to my photo essays

I published a new portrait on my portrait’s page. Also, on my home page, I now include a shot of the Michigan Central Station, in Detroit, taken in April 2015 with a GoPro. Despite the size of the camera and its limitations, I love how its fisheye perspective captures the feeling of confronting decay at the former great train station. (Published Feb. 14, 2016.)

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Updates to my galleries

I added a new portrait gallery, which for now features some photos I took of migrant farmworkers in 1999. I also have added a new photo in my Chile gallery and some new shots for my Washington state gallery. I hope you enjoy the new photos.

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New photos added of Washington and Alaska

Check my Washington State Gallery and Alaska Gallery for new pictures. I published them on July 14, 2014.

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New photo gallery of Oregon added

On June 9, 2014, I added some photographs of Oregon for my new Oregon photo gallery. More to come later. The photo below is taken of Sherars Falls, on the Deschutes River, in Wasco County.

Sherars Falls, Deschutes River,

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Kotzebue, Alaska

Home sweet home in northwest Alaska

Home sweet home in northwest Alaska

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Scenes from Empty Spaces

Just before Memorial Day, I drove from St. Louis, Mo., to my home in Seattle. I did not spend enough time photographing what I wanted to spend more time seeing. I had to settle for assorted stops. Here are a few shots from Kansas and Nevada.

Guardian of the Grove, in Council Grove, Kan.

Guardian of the Grove, in Council Grove, Kan.

kansas windfarm

Kansas windfarm along I-70

Abilene Grain Elevator

Abilene, Kan., grain elevators

Nevada Road

This was the loneliest stretch of highway my entire trip, highway 140, from Northwest Nevada to Lakeview, Ore.


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More photos published: Turkey

I am continuing to update my photo galleries. Today, I am posting pictures of my travels in Turkey in 2001. I have much to say about this trip, but these photos are more of a nice ode to my great memories of the country, its people, and its incredibly rich heritage.

Turkey Photos

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A few more galleries are now added: Hong Kong and Nepal

I’m still playing with the layout feature of this Photocrati template (what do you all think of Photocrati?). In the last two days I have published some pictures I took of Hong Kong and Nepal. Here’s a sample.

Early morning commuters near the border with Shenzen.

Early morning commuters near the border with Shenzen.

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