Touring a World of Terror

Not everyone will have a chance to visit Holocaust and World War II sites to learn firsthand how human beings became mass murderers. For those who can’t, this online guide provides a pictorial window into this tragic legacy. Some of the images, like the entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau, are immediately familiar. They are global icons, known to all. Others, like the hot dog stand at Auschwitz are not. They actually may shock those unfamiliar with the camps’ current conditions. This is how the legacy appears in the more than 60 years since the end of World War II. While some destinations attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, other destinations, like the Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp, are ignored. Nearly all the major camps have museums and displays of how persons were interned, tortured, and murdered. These photographs were taken in seven European countries between 2000 and 2001. Please click on each image for a larger view with the lightbox tool.

Birkenau GateZyklon B, Majdanek CampHuman Ash Pile, Majdanek Concentration CampShoes, Majdanek Camp MuseumShoes, Stutthof Concentration CampBirkenau, Barracks ToiletsGuard Tower, Mauthausen Concentration CampFløslevlejren Camp, DenmarkBuchenwald Concentration CampMajdanek Camp Improvisation: Corpse StretcherWannsee Conference HouseSS Quarters, Ravensbrück Concentration CampConcentration Camp Hot DogsOlympian Überman, Still StandingJack Eisner Memorial, Warsaw Jewish CemeteryWarsaw Jewish Cemetery StatueWarsaw Jewish CemeteryhGross-Rosen Concentration CampWashroom, Stutthof Concentration CampNeungamme Concentration CampGillelej Church, Jewish Hiding PlaceRemu Cemetery Wall, KrakowBirkenau MemorialRhodes SynagogueBirkenau, Tracks To The 'Ramp'Mittelbau-Dora Concentration CampTerezín Barracks, Small FortressGas Chamber, Mauthausen Concentration CampBirkenau Gas Chamber-Crematorium VSachsenhausen Concentration Camp Prisoner WashroomDachau Concentration Camp Prisoner WashroomMauthausen  Concentration Camp Prisoner Washroom