I travelled in Turkey in October and November 2001, just weeks at the 9/11 attacks. I found Turkey to be one of the world’s most culturally rich and at the same time dynamic countries. I do not want to go into the politics here, but it was a very tense time in the Kurdish provinces of eastern Turkey. Military checkpoints were common, and on several occasions I had to undergo pat downs while the bus was unloaded and checked by security forces. I encourage everyone to visit Turkey and learn more about it.¬†Please click on each image for a larger view with the lightbox tool.

Sanbanci Merkez Camii at Sunset Turkish-Arab Youth Family RestaurantKurdish StudentsSmiles of SanliUrfaRuins of Old VanLibrary Ruins at EphesusSanbanci Merkez Camii, in Adana, TurkeyAtaturk, Father of the Modern, Secular Turkish StateCross of Old ConstantinopleCifte Minareli MadrassahAtaturk Is EverywhereChai, the True Love of All TurksSuleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul